Scotty Sacks

Scott's dream was to give comfort to children going through brain cancer treatment. With the help of our friends, volunteers and myself, we have given life to Scott's dream. We needed a kid friendly logo, Scott loved and raised many squirrels. A well known artist donated his time, he incorporated Scott's features and created a kid friendly squirrel. We then started working with a toy company and Scotty Squirrel was born April 2011. Scotty Squirrel is a brave squirrel he brings along comfort items and things that helps pass the time while going through treatments.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Special Gift

We were just gifted this beautiful Pavilion from the manufacturer. It is called the Atlantis Oasis

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Scotty Sacks

Saturday was the Miles For Hope walk. Our team "Steps For Scott" braved the cold weather and trust me it was cold. Our team raise a total of 2,410.00, we rocked. Our youngest team members were McKenzie and Addison @ just 3 months old. Skylar was so proud to walk for her Pappy and everything had to say I wear Grey for my Pappy. Skylar finished the 5K on Uncle Dave's shoulders. She was proud to receive her medal at the finish line.

We handed out Scotty Sacks to 4 great brave kids. This is what goes into a Scotty Sack w/ a card that reads Scotty Squirrel is a brave squirrel, he found that this sack gave him comfort when he was going through treatments. Scotty Squirrel loves to play games while waiting on his medicine to finish. The medicine makes Scotty Squirrel very thirsty so he drinks lots of water. Sometimes the medicine makes Scotty Squirrel's tummy not feel so well but, Scotty Squirrel found these magical peppermint sticks makes his tummy feel better. We hope that the things in Scotty's Sack gives you as much comfort as it does Scotty Squirrel.

As we were handing out the sacks we watched as one of the little girls rolled down a green grassy hill, laughing as she ran back up it to roll down it again. Truly a beautiful vision to be left with.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Drum Roll Please

A "HUGE" thank you to Anthony and Tina who raffled off a gift for Scotty Sacks at their "awesome" Super Bowl party and collected a total of...308.00$ Scotty Sacks is off to a great start. Thank you all who generously gave to Scotty Sacks and remembered what a wonderful man Scott was. I love to hear your stories - all of them, they make me smile. I know I keep saying this but he would be in "Awe" of the love you all had for him.

We will be presenting our first two Scotty Sacks on Saturday after the Miles For Hope walk..sometime during the awards ceremony. I keep getting asked if I am ready for this, my reply is I have to be. What will I say when I stand to present these Sacks? I was going to prepare something but, how do you prepare something that is so close to your heart? Scott and I set out to do Scotty Sacks together, our plan wasn't God's plan. Our friends have stepped in , when Scott had to step out. So with them , I can do this, I have to do this.

Runners are ready to lace up their shoes and hit the pavement in the name of finding a cure for brain cancer.

On Feb. 11, nonprofit Miles for Hope will be hosting the second annual Moving Towards a Cure 5k walk/run and a one-mile family run at Harbor Park in Lake Baldwin to raise money for pediatric brain tumor research.

Last year’s event in Orlando focused on funding research for adult brain tumors and raised $39,923, said Belinda McAbee, fundraising coordinator for Miles for Hope. The goal for this event is to raise $60,000 that will go toward a $250,000 grant for pediatric brain tumor research.

This year’s ambassador is Blake Appleton, an 8-year old boy who lives in Lake Wales and suffers from brain cancer. He’s been in the national spotlight recently, having the opportunity to meet both Dwight Howard and Tim Tebow.

Appleton was diagnosed in January 2008, and after four years battling the disease, he asked his mother, Miranda Appleton, to end his chemotherapy treatments. In a post she put on her son’s Facebook page, she said her son told her, “Mommy, I love you and please don’t be unhappy with me, but I don’t want to do the chemo.”

She honored his wishes. Blake’s doctors told her that he would not go into remission even if he continued the treatments. She feels that sharing her story with others is important.

“It makes me feel good that I can share Blake with so many people, and so many people be touched and inspired by him because of what he’s going through,” Appleton said. “He’s literally been fighting for his life for the last four years, and even though he’s been fighting for his life, he chooses to try and stay positive and he’ll live his life to the fullest and be happy.”

Her son suffers from what is known as anaplastic medulloblastoma, Appleton said. Medulloblastomas account for about 20 percent of childhood brain tumors and have survival rates that range from 60 to 80 percent, according to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Appleton said he still does most of what he used to do before being diagnosed with cancer.

“There’s really not much that he did before that he can’t do now. There’s some things he can’t do as well,” Appleton said. “Before he got sick, he could ride a bicycle without training wheels, and now it’s difficult for him to ride a bike at all because it takes physical ability to be able to ride a bike. He’ll still go out there and ride his bike.”

Miles for Hope is a nonprofit organization that raises funds and awareness for brain tumor research and clinical trials, and also provides travel assistance to qualified brain tumor patients. Last year’s 5k event was attended by about 500 people, McAbee said. This year, they are hoping to get more than 500 people to participate. There will be a complimentary continental breakfast and local food vendors will be on site. McAbee said they will have access to 911 and other emergency services, should they be necessary for medical emergencies.

Melessia Adams, a 20-year-old junior pre-medical student at the Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences, will be volunteering at this event for the first time. She found out about the event when she was searching online for volunteer work. Adams hopes her involvement will shed some light on this issue.

“I hope it will bring more awareness to others about it, maybe bring in some funds to help those who need money,” Adams said.

Adrienne Kaltenschnee, a resident of Longwood, is participating for the first time. She was inspired to participate due to her own experience with brain cancer. Her son, Christian Kaltenschee, was diagnosed with brain cancer in February of last year and died on Oct. 27. She said her own contribution to the cause of fighting brain cancer began with her son.

“My son was a giver. At his celebration service, we collected hats, and that was kind of the start of what we did,” Kaltenschee said. “Everyone who participated in the celebration service or attended brought in a new hat to donate to other kids that are still fighting cancer.”

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thank You For Wearing Grey For Scott

Thank you all that donated to Scotty Sacks over the Christmas holiday. Your Scotty Squirrel will be on its way shortly. I am offering the, ever so popular, silicone bracelet that say's "I Wear Grey For Scott" for a donation to Scotty Sacks in the amount of $5.00 or more. I designed t-shirts for our team walk coming up on February 11, 2012. So many people have asked me if they could get a t-shirt. I found it easier to open a store at Cafe Press so everyone could order what they wanted. If you are interested in a t-shirt you may purchase them at All proceeds for anything that is sold goes directly to Scotty Sacks.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

There Is Still Time

Miles For Hope is Moving Towards A Cure and we are walking and raising funds in "Steps For Scott" I will be mailing out flyers this week to those that have expressed interested in walking with our team "Steps For Scott" for Miles of Hope. Make it a family event, the more the merrier. It's easy to register or donate online: You can find our team "Steps for Scott" #1, thanks to generous donators - YAY!(squealing with excitement) I encourage you to make signs in memory of Scott or those who are fighting this disease or have lost their fight. It is a great way to remind you and all of us why we are walking. Make it a family event, the more the merrier. Don't want to leave your pet at home, they are also welcome to walk. Strollers, wagons etc. can also be decorated. Did you know that Brain Tumors are the leading cause of solid tumor cancer death in children under the age of 20, now surpassing acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). They are the second leading cause of cancer death in male adults age 20-29 and the fifth leading cause of cancer death in female adults age 20-39. Please keep in mind Miles For Hope is separate from Scotty Sacks. Our team, "Steps for Scott" is just as excited to help raise money towards a cure and helping travel assistance to patience.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Scott Had A Dream

I think it is very important to show the face of Scotty Sacks. Scott's dream was to give comfort to kids going through brain cancer treatments. The sacks became an idea throughout his treatment. We would pack a small canvas bag of water, snacks and his Nintendo DS w/games, these things were comfort to him. After Scott passed away ,his dream became my drive to give Life to Scotty Sacks. With the instruction of well known artist , Derek Gores, I created the artwork above in a weekend. Scott, Words of encouragement are throughout the artwork.Derek created the Scotty Sack logo combining both squirrel and Scott's features. Without Scott and our friends Scotty Sacks wouldn't be. So many have donated their talents to this wonderful cause and I am very grateful. So thank you to so many.I am excited to see what 2012 brings.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Were Walking Because We Can Not Fly

Join me in my efforts to support Miles for Hope! I am fighting brain tumors by "Moving Towards a Cure". Please support this cause by making a donation that will help fund brain tumor research, increase awareness and provide patient support, including medical assistance. Brain tumors are currently the #1 cause of solid tumor death in children. Thank you in advance for your support, your contribution is greatly appreciated! For additional information on Miles For Hope, please visit Skylar and I have are walking in February's walk for this wonderful organization. We have raised $250.00 towards our 1,900.00 goal. Our team "Steps For Scott" always has room for more walkers/runners.